Infant and Toddler

Motueka Early Learning Centre specialises in Infant and Toddler care and education from 3 months—2 1/2 years of age.

Our philosophy includes a key teacher approach, whereby secure relationships based on attachment principles are fostered. Our interactions with all tamariki are respectful, warm, loving and fun filled. We focus on care rituals as highly valued, individualised opportunities to develop relationships. We aim to work collaboratively with our parents/whanau as we develop learning partnerships together.

Our environment is specifically designed to enable teachers to respond to the unique learning and development of each tamariki. Infants are cared for lovingly with opportunities for them to safely explore through free movement and developmentally appropriate resourcing. We believe that toddlers, whilst having stimulating opportunities to explore both indoor and outdoor environments with and alongside their peers, also require secure and focussed relationships with their key teachers. 

We provide flexible and timely transitions to our Over 2 programme for our older toddlers in our Infant and Toddler programme. Each transition is carefully planned in collaboration with parents/whanau and the Over two teachers. Each transition is based on the readiness of individual tamariki to be able to happily participate in the Over 2 programme and environment.