Children up to six


Here at the Motueka Early Learning Centre we value the importance of play as a fun and meaningful way to foster and support children’s learning and development. Our programme and environment are structured to foster opportunities for creativity, problem solving, relationship building, exploration, numeracy, literacy, nature, science, music, drama and language development. Children are encouraged to follow their own interests within the structure of our daily programme where we use the environment as a third teacher, to create excitement, spark curiosity and allow our tamariki to be little explorers who have an appreciation for the natural wonders of the world. 

Our philosophy of free play is supported by some structured times, where children learn alongside each other and engage in group activities that support social learning. Our structured times are planned to acknowledge, foster and extend children’s interests through games, music, dance and  stories. These structured times also support children in gaining the skills that they need.

Ko te whanau te putake o te kaupapa, The family - the heart of the matter. We believe that parents are first teachers. Through meaningful communication, we work in partnership with families to foster their aspirations for their little explorers, so we can support them in creating confident and competent learners and create positive outcomes for all children.